Can UC Essay Serve as "Additional Information" for Boston U?

Question: Hello, I am applying to Boston University. But for the additional comment question, do you think it would look bad if I submit an essay I had to write for another college? I was wondering if I could submit an essay I wrote for UC application.Would it hurt or be helpful by showing my personality from another perspective?

Thank you.

You should not use an essay that you wrote for another college in the “Additional Information” section of an application unless …

  1. It doesn’t look like an essay you wrote for another college.


  1. It provides information that you feel is important for admission officials to know that won’t be included elsewhere in your application. Typically, this type of information might be:


-an explanation of erratic grades, perhaps caused by illness or family problems

-the reasons behind (and impact of) frequent moves to new schools or any move that came late in your high school career

-an explanation of unusual course choices

-a description of an atypical hobby, interest, or other type of undertaking or achievement that the “Activities” section of your application doesn’t offer adequate space to discuss.

 It’s hard to give you a definitive answer without seeing exactly what you submitted to UC, but an extra essay that simply reveals another side of your personality is probably not something that admission folks will welomce, unless there’s something truly unusual or surprising about what this added writing sample might reveal.