Can My Son Change His College Choice After May 1?

Question: My son is deciding between two colleges. If we put down a deposit at one college by May 1, but then two weeks or a month later, he changes his mind, can we go back to the second school and ask if they will take him then? In other words, he would accept at only one school but then ask the second school to renew the offer, a month or so after May 1. If we did that, I assume the chances of the second school accepting again are very low. True?

That's a gambit you can certainly try as long as you go into it rife with pessimism. However, working in your favor is the fact that nearly all colleges experience some “summer melt." That's when entering freshmen who committed in May change their minds in June, July or even August. Savvy enrollment managers are usually good at anticipating melt figures and are often able to end up with the exact class size they had wanted from the get-go despite this attrition. But sometimes there is too much melt, and that's where your son might luck out.

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