Can I Send Test Scores After the Early Decision Deadline?

Question: Is it possible to send my Subject Test scores after an early decision deadline date?

This is yet another time when “The Dean” must respond with an unsatisfying “Maybe.” The answer will vary depending on where you are applying and on when (and how) you plan to submit your test scores.

Are you talking about a week or so after the deadline or longer? Most (but not all) colleges allow some wiggle room of up to about three weeks. For instance, if the ED deadline is November 1, the majority of colleges will accept November test scores, even though these won’t roll in until around Thanksgiving. In fact, many colleges publish their last permissible testing date right on their Web site. So hunt for that first. If you can’t find it, it’s fine to call the admission office to ask.

You will also want to get your late scores to your ED college as quickly as possible. But don’t pay for pricey “Rush” reporting. Instead, ask your school guidance counselor to telephone, email, or fax the admission office as soon as you see your scores online. Although you will still need to follow up with “official” score reports from the College Board, most colleges are willing to use the unofficial ones that come directly from your counselor (but not directly from YOU) before the College Board scores arrive.

If you’ve already selected an Early Decision college, you should check right now (either on the Web site or via a phone call or email message) to find out how far past the deadline you can send the scores (if at all) and then you’ll be able to plan your testing accordingly.