Can I Send a Résumé to Stanford?

Question: Dear Dean, I am an international student applying to top tier US colleges including Stanford. At my school there are not many clubs like there are at American high schools so my extracurricular activities take place outside of my school. I am planning to send a separate CV to colleges to provide details about my most important activities that are not common in the States. I do not understand if I can send a CV to Stanford because of the application instructions that says not to mail supplementary credentials. Are CVs supplementary credentials? I feel like the adcoms won’t understand my activities if I just try to explain them in 150 char on the Common Application. Some people on College Confidential say they are sending their CV to Stanford anyway but I am not sure I should do this. I am already using the additional information section for something else so there is no room for my CV there. Thank you for your advise.

You have stumped “The Dean” with this one and will have to go directly to Stanford for adviCe (and be sure to spell it correctly when you write. Mixing up “advise” – a verb– with “advice”—a noun– is a very common mistake).

I get many questions much like yours every fall. And, up until this year, I’ve simply directed students (and parents) to the Stanford application instructions which USED TO specifically include résumés on the list of prohibited materials.

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