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Can My Son Defer College Applications to Gap Year?

Question: I've been told that before my son takes a gap year, he has to apply to--and be accepted by--a college, then talk to them about deferring admission for a year. I was under the impression that he could apply for college during his gap year. Which is correct?

Your son can certainly wait until his gap year to apply to colleges. However, this might be a little tricky if he plans to be far away from home or in any sort of situation where he won't have regular access to the Internet and e-mail. (Yes, it's still possible to go through the process without technology, but it sure isn't easy!) Also, before your son graduates, he might want to consider soliciting references from his teachers and guidance counselor, but that isn't an imperative either, as long as he'll be in a position to stay in touch with them during his year off.

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