Can I Send Colleges ONLY the Writing Score from My ACT?

Question: I took the ACT junior year with the writing portion, and now I want to retake it but without the writing part. The college I want to send my score to wants the ACT with writing portion. Can I just keep my writing score and retake the other subjects ? Or will the writing section score will be gone completely?

Unfortunately you cannot submit JUST the Writing portion of your junior-year ACT. So you have two choices ... the first is to try the Writing again when you re-take the ACT, and the second is to send results of BOTH of your ACT tests to any colleges that require Writing (assuming that your second ACT Composite is better than your first. If it's not better, you can just send the first). Ordering score reports from both tests will, of course, be pricier than ordering just one set of scores. However, if your second scores are higher than the first, the vast majority of colleges will use ONLY those scores and won't pay attention to your initial ones. Some colleges will even “superscore" your two tests, meaning that they will take the highest score you received on each test section from your two test sessions and create a new Composite score for you which may include a mish-mash of section scores from both tests.

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