Advice on Foregoing Planned Freshman Year and Reapplying to Colleges

Kazuo Ota/Unsplash

I was getting ready to move into my college (where I not only deposited but also paid all of my fall tuition) and they announced classes will now be online and campus is closed. I am a dance major and so virtual school won't work for me. So I am hoping now to just defer but it looks like my scholarship may not be guaranteed if I defer (although my spot will be guaranteed). So I'm thinking of just pulling out of this school, getting my money back, and then applying to college this fall all over again. So my question is, do I have to do the entire applications over like I did last year? Or is there a quicker way since I already sent out 30 applications last fall? Also, if a college rejected me last year, can I apply there again this year, or does a rejection last for more than one cycle?

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