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Por Favor .... Can I Drop Spanish?

Question: My junior year just began, and I am enrolled in Spanish I. I really have no desire to learn Spanish, and I'm afraid that it will bring down my GPA since I'm so unmotivated. I have heard that most quality colleges require two years of Spanish. Should I continue taking Spanish now and take Spanish II next year, or can I drop the class for something better suited to my interests?

Colleges typically don't have "requirements" when it comes to foreign language, only programs of study that are "recommended" or "strongly recommended." At the most competitive colleges, applicants usually have four or more years of one foreign language or two or three years of a couple. It doesn't matter what the foreign language is (in some cases, it's even American Sign Language) but admission officials do expect candidates to have studied a language other than the one spoken in their homes for a mimimum of two years.

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