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Can I Change My Emory Application from Regular Decision to Early Decision?

Question: I applied to Emory University Regular Decision and the more I think about it I realize that I may have wanted to apply Early Decision. The Early Decision II deadline is January 1st. I was wondering if there is any way that I can change my already submitted application from Regular Decision to Early Decision? Thank you for any help you can offer.

You absolutely CAN change your admission plan, and Emory will probably be delighted to hear that you are. Call Emory ASAP and simply tell the person you speak with that you want to do this. Then he or she should give you the next steps. You, a parent/guardian, and your guidance counselor will have to fill out the ED commitment form that you'll find on the Common App Web site. Because you already submitted a Regular Decision application, the Common App may not "let" you send an electronic version of the ED commitment. If that's the case, you can fill out and print the .pdf version that you'll find here: ask your counselor to fax it once it's signed.

When you call Emory, make sure that you get the name of the staff member you speak with. Also ask for the name and email address of the staff member who oversees applicants from your high school (who may be the same person you speak to on the phone but probably not).

Wait about a week AFTER you've submitted the ED commitment form and then send an email to this regional rep to confirm that it arrived safely and that the change of status has been made on your application.

If you have already submitted your entire application, it's conceivable that the Emory staff member you speak with may ask you if you want to be considered under the ED I plan rather than under ED II. Even though it's now three weeks past the ED I deadline, and it's unlikely that this option will come up, it's not impossible either. So, before you telephone Emory, think about what your answer will be. If you had a good junior year and got off to a strong start this fall, then there's probably no down side to joining the ED I pool. But if you're counting on improving your grades this semester before your admission verdict is handed down or if you're still waiting for new test scores, then you should stick with ED II.

Good luck!

(posted 11/21/2011)