Can I be Independent for Financial Aid Purposes?

Question: Is it possible to be independent solely because I no longer live at home and get no help from my parents? I am 19 years old and am currently living with a relative in a room that I'm renting. I'm trying to get as many hours as possible at my job as well as picking up extra babysitting hours to save up for college. My parents can't afford to help pay for my college education, and I know i can't do it on my own. Considering I get no financial help from them and do not live at home do you think it's possible to be independent and get some extra financial aid?

"The Dean" gets a lot of questions about Independent Student status, usually from students like you who are truly on their own. However, being "Independent" for financial-aid purposes is a whole other story, and most colleges stick to the letter of the law.

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