Can I Apply to College with Good SAT Scores but No GPA?

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I know there are colleges that are test-optional, but are there any that are GPA-optional? I did really well on my SATs, but my GPA is not as high, so I'd like to apply to colleges using my test scores only. Is that possible?

“The Dean" is not aware of any college that does not expect a high school transcript from freshman applicants. (Some colleges do allow students to self-report grades initially, but will then request an official transcript for confirmation after acceptance.) So unless your high school does not grade its students at all (which is rare but does happen), your grades will be required, along with a cumulative GPA if your high school computes one — and most do. (Even students who are home-schooled or who have dropped out of high school and earned a GED will be expected to supply a transcript from whatever time they did spend in school.)

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