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Can I Get Yale to Match Princeton's Aid Package?

Question: I'm really extremely fortunate to find myself having been admitted to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. However, all of these institutions are incredibly expensive. Princeton has given me a fairly substantial scholarship and an EFC around 20% of my family's income. By contrast, Yale has made the (incorrect) determination that I will be able to pay for the entire cost of attendance out of pocket. I'm still waiting to hear back from Harvard. If I am being perfectly honest, I'm not very interested in Princeton, and I'd much rather go to Yale. Is there a way for me to ask Yale to match Princeton's offer? What could I say to them?

Congratulations on hitting the admissions “trifecta!" Many folks would not shed a tear to hear about your “problem," but I'm sure it must be frustrating to be so close to attending Yale yet thwarted by the cost. Perhaps by now you have heard from Harvard, too, and you don't need this advice. But if that's not the case then, yes, you CAN appeal your Yale aid award although a successful appeal is not a sure thing.

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