Can Failing Community College Student Start Again With A Clean Slate?


I am about to finish my first year as a community college student and it hasn't been going well. I am pretty sure I will fail French, and last semester I failed English. The reason I went to community college is that I couldn't get into my first choice when I was in high school due to low SAT scores. At the time, I did get into my safety but I really didn't want to go there. But now I bet I couldn't even get into my safety anymore as a transfer because my community college grades are so bad. I feel like I made the wrong choice and should have just gone to the safety. Is there a way to start over somehow? Community college is supposed to erase high school performance and I need a way to erase my community college stats.

I'm sure your situation is stressful, but — if it's any comfort to you — it's far from unique. Many students have struggled with the transition from high school to college, including to community college, and would love to get a do-over and start a new school with a clean slate. Unfortunately, however, that can't happen. If you were to reapply to another college, including the “Safety" school that admitted you last year, but without revealing that you've already been enrolled elsewhere, you would be setting yourself up for serious trouble. In all of your future applications, you will be expected to disclose EVERY college in which you were ever enrolled. I've heard horror stories over the eons about students who didn't come clean about past college experiences because they wanted to begin fresh, but then they got caught — sometimes shortly before graduation — and were expelled!

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