Can College Admissions Get Any Harder?

Unless you have been vacationing on another planet, you probably have seen or heard a news article about how tough it was this past year to get into certain colleges. I have written about this before over the years here, but this year, like the past winter, seemed to be the most brutal regarding hopes and dreams vs. reality.

As I mentioned in a previous post, “I'm taking bets on when the first American college will go below a 5% overall acceptance rate. Any takers? After that milestone, I'll be taking wagers on when the first college will hit 1%. Finally, the betting pool will take on the momentous first decimal-point acceptance rate school. Won't some future group of first-year admits be proud to say, 'Hey, [school name here] got 150,000 applications this year and only 1,300 of us got in. That's a 0.9% overall acceptance rate!'"

As you'll see in the statistics I post below, acceptance rates for an increasing number of colleges are approaching daunting levels. There have been myriad articles and newscasts about the Mt. Everest of college admissions applicants must climb these days, but one particularly enlightening article comes from Campus Grotto, in a news release I received yesterday. It's especially interesting because it includes data on colleges other than the usual suspects.

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