Can I Bail Out on Early Decision After Receiving a Scholarship Elsewhere?

Question: I have submitted an Early Decision application to one institution. However, before hearing back from that institution, I was awarded a scholarship to another university. While I can afford to pay full tuition to the school I applied ED, is there any way they would release me from the ED agreement because of the scholarship? Or is it possible to switch from early decision to regular decision?

From the wording of your question, “The Dean" assumes that you applied in the Early Decision II round and thus haven't gotten a response yet from your ED school. Correct?

If so, you can contact the college and asked to be switched into the Regular Decision applicant pool. (The college folks may ask for confirmation in writing.) But you better do it fast because the verdicts are probably being finalized this week or next, and once you have received your admission decision, you cannot get “released" from your ED commitment because of your scholarship to another college.

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