Can B+ Student from a Rigorous School Compete with Applicants from Elsewhere?

Question: My son is in 10th grade at a highly-selective private school. He has exceptional leadership, talent, community service and extracurriculars. However, he will have a B+ average at the end of junior year when he starts applying for college. Additionally, because his current high school curriculum is already rigorous, not many AP classes are offered. He would like to apply to some highly-selective and selective universities. How detrimental will his B average and limited AP courses be to acceptance at these schools?

College admission officials evaluate applicants in the context of their high school environment and course offerings. Because your son attends “a highly-selective private school,” it is highly likely that every college on his list will have maintained records of past applicants from this school, their grades, course selections, extracurricular activities, etc., and will be able to compare your son to those who have been admitted and successful in recent years. Thus, these colleges will not be comparing your son head-to-head with applicants from less rigorous high schools or from any school where an almost all-AP transcript is the norm.

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