Can I Appeal My Cornell Rejection?

Question: I received a rejection from Cornell's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences but I wanted to know if I could appeal the decision. I am a passionate student dedicated to the environmental sciences, and recently was granted a prestigious internship in environmental affairs. Should I call and ask?

“The Dean" is sorry to hear about your bad news from Cornell. Unfortunately, each year the Ivy League universities and other “elite" schools turn away thousands of highly-qualified applicants who are seemingly as able as many of those who did get in. Once, in fact, a Harvard dean conceded that he could set aside the entire admitted class and select a new class from the “reject" pile that was every bit as strong as the first one. Having worked in an admission office myself and communicating with many others who still do, I know that it is common for a highly-competitive institution like Cornell to be forced to say “no" to promising candidates. And many of these disappointed candidates (maybe you!) will never know that there were admission officials who were rooting hard for them behind closed doors, even if they were not ultimately accepted.

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