Preparing for College

Can 2.0 GPA improve in college? How will this affect transfer chances?

Question: I have a high school GPA of 2.0 and I was wondering if I go to a two-year college and get really good grades will my GPA go up? And would I be able to get into a good four-year college?

Once you begin college, your GPA will start all over again. In other words, the 2.0 you earned in high school will NOT be factored into your college grade point average. When you apply to transfer to a four-year school, admission officials will see your high school record, but they will put most of their emphasis on your college grades. So if you earn good grades at your two-year college, you should have many fine transfer options. If you also participate in some significant activities and take leadership roles on campus (or in your community) this will help your transfer odds, too.

If you do extremely well, you might even be selected for Phi Theta Kappa (see ), which is an honor society for the top students at two-year schools. More than 700 four-year colleges have scholarships that are specifically for PTK members, and others may give PTK members additional consideration when making merit-aid determinations. So, if your two-year college participates in PTK and you do well there, you will position yourself not only for a transfer but also for a scholarship.

Many two-year colleges also have "articulation agreements" with several four-year colleges. These agreements either guarantee or facilitate a transfer for students who meet certain GPA and course-selection criteria. If you have just started at your two-year college (or are about to), I recommend that you check with your school's transfer advisor to find out about current articulation agreements ... i.e., the names of the colleges they are with and what the requirements are. (Most typically, two-year colleges have such agreements with nearby public universities, but sometimes there can also be articulation agreements with private colleges that are not nearby at all.)

Good luck to you as you turn over your new leaf!