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California Residency for Student After Parents Move Away?

Question: My son will be attending UC Merced in the Fall 2015. We have been California residents all our lives. But, my husband and I have to move out of state for work in December 2015. Will we be able to keep in-state tuition for my son at UC Merced?  He is currently 17 years old; will be 18 after he begins Fall semester at UC Merced. We will keep the house we currently live in – we are not selling it once we move.

As long as your son reaches the age of majority (his 18th birthday) while you are still CA residents and he remains in the state, then he will not lose his in-state residency for tuition purposes. It sounds like it will be a close call … that he’ll turn 18 just before you go … but that he’ll be fine.

Good luck with the big move.

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