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Business School Admission for Online University Grad

Question: I am a graduate of an online university in Canada majoring in accounting. The university I attended also happens to be the only Canadian University to hold an American Regional Accreditation. All of my credentials including EC's and full-time experience are up to par with the top universities in the country. Do I have a chance with a top 20 B-school, for example Michigan-Ross or a Canadian school like U of Toronto-Rotman or will the addmissions office reject my application becausemy degree was completed via internet? Thanks.

As a growing number of undergraduates pursue online degrees, colleges and universities will have to establish guidelines to determine if online degree recipients are eligible to apply as transfer or graduate students, just as you hope to do. At this point, your best bet is to contact directly the two institutions you've named as well as the others on your list and ask them the same question you've asked us.

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