Paying for College

Breakdown of Assets for FAFSA


Put off by those financial aid applications looming over you? You're not alone! In fact, it's a consistent top-three concern from respondents — both parents and students alike — to our annual College Hopes and Worries survey who worry that this will be the toughest part of the entire college application process. I've heard this concern many times over the years, and I completely understand! The forms ask for a lot of information, including a breakdown of your current assets, in order to assess what is considered an appropriate amount of aid to offer. Parents, I'm here to tell you that financial aid forms, just like any test your child might be facing, can be easily tackled if you know what to expect on them ahead of time!

Now, I know that the natural inclination when discussing financial assets is always going to be to look as good as possible, but this is one area on your child's financial aid applications where it's better to not look your best. Quite frankly, those in power here aren't going to give you money if they don't see your whole financial picture, warts and all.

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