Paying for College

Blood Boiler

Is your pulse feeling a bit sluggish these days? Blood pressure a bit low? Here's a news item that should fix that in a hurry. Need a preview?

State schools reward their presidents

Eight of the 13 presidents of [Pennsylvania] state-owned universities who are eligible for salary increases this year will get 6 to 11 percent raises despite a worsening economy and the likelihood of campus budget cuts.

The Wall Street big shots are not only getting their bailouts but they're also getting their bonuses. And how about the other top dogs in the auto industry, credit card companies, and all the other formerly high-flying businesses who have lined up at the Federal trough with their hand out for a handout?

Folks, these executives, including the college presidents, were allegedly hired or promoted to be managers. Now, they're being rewarded for their inability to manage. Sure, the article cited above contains the “rationale" (more likely, IR-rationale) for the raises, but what about the Common Student? Who's out there advocating his or her cause? Essentially, their lot in higher-ed life is to “Sit down, shut up, and pay your tuition bill . . . or we won't allow you to register for classes and you won't graduate."

What is it going to take for us not to take this anymore? When are we going to band together, rise up, and not allow this kind of arrogant abuse to continue?

Unless you've been out of the solar system the past several months, you've read about the obscene excesses—and attending corruption—that that the ruling bodies have foisted upon us. Just as in matters of war, business, and other forms of combative endeavor, blunders are made because the smartest guys in the room just aren't all that smart. The really devious guys in the room are the ones that aren't all that smart and also have a personal, self-serving agenda. We've seen far too much of that.

So, when any of you Pennsylvania state-system students whose school president just got a nice fat raise get your tuition bill next time, just send a quick message to your president. Ask one simple question: “Dude, where's my pay raise?"

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