Binding ED for International Student at U. of Miami?

Question: I am an international student from India. My SAT score is an 1830 but I am taking SAT again in November to up my score. My first question is when I apply Early Decision to a university and ask for financial aid and they cannot meet the aid I require is the offer still binding? Secondly what are my chances of getting into U. of Miami with Early Decision? Thank You.

You don't give a break-down of your SAT scores, but in order for any international student to apply for a scholarship at U. of Miami, the combined Critical Reading + Math score must be at least 1300. If you've reached that benchmark already (or if you reach it when you retake the test in the fall), then you should submit your SAT's when you apply. However, if you don't make 1300 on the CR + Math, then you do not need to submit your SAT's at all (but you will not be eligible for a scholarship).

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