Preparing for College

Beware Senioritis

Were you admitted to college already? Some of you may have gotten the good news via Early Decision or Early Action. What a great feeling that is! Now that you're guaranteed a seat at what may well be your first-choice school, it's time to relax and enjoy the rest of senior year, right? Not so fast there. Think again about lapsing into that seductive realm known as Senioritisville.

Getting a fat envelope from a college in December is kind of like getting married. Now you're on a honeymoon with your beloved institution of higher learning. Trouble is, though, just like some newlyweds on their honeymoon, things can go south in a hurry when some aspects of your true nature emerge. Like what, you ask? Well, there's always that temptation to "exhale" and let some things slide. For example, you may have been holding on in that AP Physics or Calc class by the skin of your teeth, studying like a maniac to max out your first quarter grades to send in with your ED/EA app. Now that you've been accepted, maybe you feel that your death grip on all that work might be able to loosen a bit. This is where trouble may enter Paradise.

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