Which Colleges Offer the Best Virtual Campus Visits?


Spring is on the way; the season when flowers bloom, the days get longer and warmer, and high school juniors and seniors traditionally flock to visit college campuses as they decide where to apply or attend. But for the last two years, the pandemic has caused colleges and universities to eliminate or scale back on-campus visits and move towards virtual visits for prospective students. This means some students won't get to see their first choice schools in person before applying or accepting. It also means fewer families will spend their spring breaks shuffling behind undergrads who seems preternaturally good at walking backwards, as they peek into dining halls and listen to stories about the history and traditions of yet another school.

The good news (in case that wasn't it for you) — colleges have now had a full year to build out their virtual visit resources, and many have come up with some pretty amazing offerings. We've highlighted the best virtual visit in each region of the country and why we loved it, so you can start planning your virtual college tour this spring.

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