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Best Paying College Degrees

Question for those of you who will begin college this fall: Have you decided which major you'll follow? Granted, there are many incoming college freshmen who aren't yet decided as to which academic path to follow. Those that have chosen a path, though, may well end up changing their direction sometime in the first couple years of study, maybe more than once. That brings us to another question: If you have chosen your particular major (or "area of concentration"), why have you chosen it?

Are you passionate enough about a certain field to commit the majority of your college courses to that field? Or, maybe you're looking to maximize your income potential. While I'm certainly not a big fan of choosing a college degree based on its earning potential, some high schoolers are drawn into dreams of large annual incomes and luxurious lifestyles. Thus, you may be asking, "Hey, then. Which college degrees open the door for the most earning power?"

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