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From Your Bedroom to Your Dorm Room

Here's a question for all of you graduating high school seniors who are about to be college freshmen this fall: Have you ever shared a bedroom with another person? I'm talking about the experience you're about to have at college, in your dorm room with your roommate(s).

If you come from a large family, you may have had to share your bedroom (let's just call it “your room") with a sibling when you were younger. Or, maybe you shared your room into your teen years until that sibling (or siblings) moved on to college or other living quarters. If you're an only child, as I was/am, you may be accustomed to complete privacy, with your own little kingdom into which you can retreat to escape the perils of life and parents.

Well, most of that will change when you enter the wonderful world of dorm life at college. Your parents won't be around to tell you what to do, when to study, when to go to bed, or who can (or cannot) be in your room (sometimes alone) with you. Your migration into this new world may come as a significant shock to you if you're not prepared to adjust and deal with it.

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