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Beautiful Campuses Beckon

Now that college admissions decisions have been rendered, many high school seniors and some of their parents will be making campus visits to help make another decision -- where to go to college. A considerable portion of the cost of running a college or university comes from making the grounds and buildings look beautiful. You can imagine how much the landscaping alone can cost. There's all that grassy acreage to keep cut and tons of trees, shrubs, and flowers to maintain, not to mention fresh paint on buildings and even clean windows. The labor crew to do all this sometimes looks like a small army, and that's just for the external views. How about the housekeepers and custodial force needed to keep the students from destroying it all?

Anyway, let's talk about beautiful campuses (no, I just checked, and I'm using the plural "campuses," not "campi"). I've visited a number of campuses in my day, but the one I'll never forget is Princeton University. Our son was accepted there back in the '90s, so Mom, Dad, and son visited, with our son doing an overnight in one of the residence halls. My wife and I refer to Princeton as The Magic Kingdom. The Gothic architecture and pristine grounds can transport you into a completely different world. Adding to the magnificence of the campus during our visit was some of the most perfect spring weather imaginable: deep blue skies, crisp morning air, and brilliant sunshine.

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