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Badges vs. Bachelor's Degrees

Been wondering about the next new thing in higher education? Well, it may already be here: Badges. "Say what?" you say? Yep, just like the Boy Scouts.

There's a highly interesting article in The Chronicle of Higher Education that shines a spotlight on the badges initiative, which has been underway for some time now, apparently right under many of our noses. In my humble and sometimes not fully informed opinion, the badges concept likely falls into the "Do what you want and the money will follow" camp. Essentially, what badges entails is hooking up with a legitimate (hopefully certified or accredited) sources of learning (can you say, "MIT"?) and meeting the requirements for a very specific kind of discipline (think along the lines of mentorship or digital video editing). Once you have met the standards of the online course material, you receive your badge in that skill, which then becomes a resume line item.

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