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Generally, I'm not big on cute acronyms, but I thought I would coin one (the one in my title above) to set the tone for my opinion piece today. I've been an avid observer and professional/parental participant in all things higher education for going on three decades now. At this advanced stage of my observational participation, I'm convinced of one thing: the higher education system (perhaps better said as "industry") is heading for a major crash and culture change. Thus, B.R.O.K.E.N. -- Berry's Ruminations On Killing Education's Nexus.

So, what's killing it and, perhaps more importantly, what the heck is a "Nexus"? Well, to answer that second question first, a nexus (as described by is "A means of connection; a link or tie" (maybe a ladder to higher learning) or "The core or center." Therefore, the nexus of education, at least for the purposes of this opinion piece, is America's higher education system, which is the core or center of tens of thousands of high school students' and their families' focus every year here in America.

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