B+ in AP Class Vs. an “A” in Regular Class?

Question: My child is attending a Catholic high school in Houston and taking all AP and honors classes, playing sports, etc. The AP and honors classes are quite demanding and in some, like AP Biology, they have an 88 and it is one of the highest grades in the class. Thus, I am wondering if the AP and honors classes are worth it or should they take regular classes? I am not sure an 88 in an honors class will outweigh a high “A" in a regular class. I realize it is all a numbers game and want to put my child in the best position possible when applying to colleges. My child is quite bright and I anticipate they will do well on standardized tests. They were accepted into the Duke TIP program in seventh grade and has attended Duke summer camps.

Any insight you can provide into whether or not the AP and honors classes are viewed more favorably than better grades in academic classes would be very helpful. Thank you!

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