Paying for College

Avoiding the Student Loan Swamp

Let's imagine that you are standing on the metaphorical shore of the sea of higher education. With your binoculars, you scan the horizon for interesting sights. You may see some cruise ships filled with high school seniors touring prospective colleges, tankers filled with cash headed to pump funds into university endowments, and maybe some fishing vessels trolling for prospective applicants. Just another routine day at the beach, eh? You couldn't be more wrong.

Now, let's suppose that you want a more scenic view of the sea and you hire a helicopter for a more dramatic panorama. As your pilot lifts you off, you head toward the horizon, past the cruise ships, the tankers, and fishing boats. A beautiful sight. But, as you penetrate past the horizon, your binoculars bring into focus a spine-chilling image. You see a series of ever-increasing swells slowly but surely building into what is about to become a huge tsunami of college student debt that will sink both families, current students, and recent graduates. Where is the tsunami warning system that promised to alert us of such impending calamity?

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