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Avoiding Mold in College Dorms

Question: I am very worried about college dorms. My son had to switch high schools due to mold toxicity. He developed brain abnormalities that cause horrific fatigue but also reduce the blood flow to the brain and glucose metabolism. He’s had every test imaginable, and he has neurotoxicity from mold even though he left the school after five months. People don’t understand what mold can do to the body, and the only way to resolve it is to remediate the home or building or move.

I understand many dorms are loaded with mold (one college had to house students on a cruise ship while they were cleaning out the mold in the dorms).

Is there a way to search mold information for each college? My son has already been admitted to several colleges and has gotten some great merit aid, but what good is it, if he can’t attend due to the horrors of mold?

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