Should I Ask for Teacher Recs Even if I Think I Won’t Need Them?

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The colleges where I plan to apply all say teacher recommendations are not required (and one school even said these letters are not even accepted at all). Should I get some letters anyway in case I end up applying to a school that needs them? Or should I wait so the teachers can write the letters based on the schools that want them? We finish our school year in a week and I want to ask teachers before the year ends if I'm going to need any rec. letters.

Yep, it's a smart idea to request recommendations even if you don't think you'll need them because it's too early to tell what your final college list will look like, and you may end up adding a school or two right before the deadlines next year. You don't want to end up chasing your chemistry teacher down the hall just before finals next January when he's already agreed to write letters for 47 of your classmates and will cringe at the thought of tackling yet another.

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