Early Graduation for "Go Getter" Rising Junior?


My son is 15, and he just told us that he's planning to graduate a year early -- he said he researched it and the only thing he'll have to do is take both English 3 and 4 next year (when he's a junior) and then he can graduate one year early, because he'll have finished all the other prerequisites by then. His father (we are divorced) has signed off on this plan. Because of this strategy, my son wants me to take him on college tours now. He is aiming very high (Duke, Tufts, Northwestern) and I am wondering if he can get into schools like that because he won't have the same weighted GPA as kids who have stayed in school the full four years. He and his father believe that early graduation offsets that because colleges like to see go-getters. Is this accurate?

“The Dean" has answered variations of this question many times before. It seems like there is no shortage of teenagers out there who are ready to be done with high school! Here is a link to one of those columns, which offers some of the pros and cons of early graduation.

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