Ask A Career Coach: How Can New Grad Find Job Outside Major?


I am graduating from college in two weeks and I'm looking for a job right now. I attended school on a four-year, full-tuition academic scholarship. I mention this because about two years into college, I realized I didn't like my major (biology) and wanted to switch to communications instead because I'd like to go into public relations, but because my scholarship had a time limit on it, I couldn't switch majors -- it would have added another year to my college period and I couldn't afford to pay out of pocket. I took one semester off for medical reasons and my scholarship was deferred then, but now I have to graduate this month or it will cost me about $12,000 per semester that I don't have. Am I expected to apply for jobs for graduates with biology degrees? And if I want to apply for a PR job, how do I explain why I have a bio degree? I did have one internship at a hospital in the PR department, but I felt like that was more because of my bio degree than anything else. Can you help?

Today's question was answered by Barbara Gronsky, PhD, of Delaware Valley Career Solutions LLC:

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