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Are You An Internet Addict?

Hey kids, have you ever tracked how many hours per week you spend on the Web? I'm not even talking about cell phone/texting time, just the amount of time that you're camped in front of that glowing screen. I make my living on the computer, helping college applicants with their college process. Thus, I have an excuse for spending all the time that I do right here. You, however, probably don't have a computer-based "job" and therefore most all of your keyboard time involves Facebook, Google, or--drum roll please--school work.

Anyhow, there seems to be some concern that young people may be getting sucked down the rabbit hole of cyberspace, into the virtual world, which they end up preferring to the real world. Granted, these days, the real world many times isn't a very inviting place and doesn't offer us much to be happy about. Nevertheless, researchers have put on their study caps and come up with some conclusions that show some kids find more contentment in their Internet-based world than they do within family, friends, and school.

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