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Are You A Two-Faced Facebooker?

I've posted before about admissions officers exploring applicants' Facebook pages. Sometimes that's good news and other times it's not so good news. My personal opinion is that admissions officers don't have enough time in their days to check out a ton of applicants on Facebook. The numbers are just too overwhelming. However, I do have a theory about which applicants might bear Facebook scrutiny. Maybe you're one of them.

You may want to take a close look at your college applications: your major essay(s), your short responses, and any "Additional Information" comments you've made. How do you think your readers in admissions would see you? Do you come off as confident, original, unorthodox, or an arrogant smarty pants? My theory is that if you clearly stand out from the mountain of other applicants in a certain way, your admissions readers may take a quick detour to your Facebook page to try to confirm any first-blush reactions they have about you.

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