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Are iPads Worth It for College?

The Back-to-School ads are fattening newspapers these days, even though it's still July. My favorite TV B-to-S commercial has always been the one from Staples, I think, that shows a parent blissfully guiding a shopping cart through the store, shopping for school supplies, while two sullen, depressive-looking returning students plod glumly behind. Andy Williams' familiar singing voice provides the music track, intoning, "It's the most wonderful time of the year." For parents, that is. Love that commercial.

Anyway, you about-to-be college students (or returning college students) -- and parents -- are no doubt thinking about what kinds of things will be needed for the upcoming school year. Of course, technology items rank high on the list. How did we (those of us who went to college when dinosaurs roamed the earth) ever survive without our touch screens, smart phones, and social media? Consequently, this year's crop of students may be considering such luxuries as an iPad, which is being seen almost everywhere in those print and TV ads.

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