Are Extracurriculars Funded by Scholarship "Honors" or "Activities"?

Question: Since sixth grade, my high school senior has participated in extracurricular programs and activities during the school year and summers locally, around the U.S., and overseas. In some cases, the cost associated with certain programs would have prevented my student from being there. In those cases, assistance was requested. In the cases where assistance was provided, it was referred to as a "scholarship." Should such "scholarships," be listed as "honors/awards" on a college application or college resume? Does listing the item as "honors/awards" prevent students from listing item as an activity? Is there a preferred placement/wording for this that does not present the reviewer with a false sense of the applicant's wealth or undermine the intent of the scholarship? Thank you.

The first thing you need to know is that the filling out of college applications is not an exact science. There is often going to be some gray area when distinguishing between “activities” and “awards,” between “activities” and “work experience,” etc. So your child shouldn’t lose any sleep over the way he or she categorizes various endeavors and accomplishments. The admission folks won’t penalize an applicant who doesn’t list all information exactly as they might have expected.

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