Are Admitted Student Days and Summer Orientations Important to Attend?


I have been accepted to my first choice and I am planning to attend. Is it still essential to go to admitted students day or is that just for people who aren't sure if they want to go to a certain school? Also, how important is it for me to go to an optional summer orientation? My parents prefer not to spend the travel money on these events so I will only go to these things if you think it's important.

Attending an Admitted Students Day can be a great way to rub elbows with prospective classmates (although that cool guy you bonded with at the salad bar may actually end up at a different school) and to eyeball the bathrooms in the dorm you plan to request. But even so, these events are mainly designed for students who haven't yet made a final choice and thus they're certainly not mandatory for those, like you, who have. So attending an Admitted Students Day could be fun but not necessary if you're already sure you'll be enrolling.

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