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Talkin' Smack-a-demic: April ‘14
The weather has turned for the better, but there’s still an occasional cold snap to remind us that we’re not quite out of the woods yet—and the same goes for college planning. Seniors: You’re almost there! If you haven’t already, start scoping out summer work opportunities—preferably those that will look great on a résumé and score a little extra cash for the poorer-than-dirt days to come. Sophomores and juniors: Now is the perfect time to flesh out next year’s schedule and get a head start on final test dates and summer reading requirements.

Over 30 with Kids: Colleges Respond to New 'Norms'
If the long-held stereotype of a “traditional” college student—18-to-22-years-old, white, campus-dwelling, etc.—was ever accurate, it certainly doesn’t apply in the present day. Learn how schools are changing to accommodate new demographics.
How to Overcome Peer Jealousy
CC user Mistbird wants to know: “How do you manage not to be jealous towards friends/classmates who score better than you, are more privileged than you, or get accepted into a program that you don't?” Add your two cents.
True Story: How I Raised My SAT Score by 790 Points
While it might sound like one of those “As Seen On TV” scams, this is the story of how one CC user (who is NOT a super-genius) used ingenuity and a little elbow grease to elevate his SAT score from drab to fab.
Test-Optional Schools: How to Shine Without a Score

Believe it or not, for many colleges, test scores aren’t the only—or even the primary—predictor of academic success. Discover other ways to prove you’re ready for college-level academics when applying to test-optional schools.

Don’t Be Tricked by Financial Aid Offers

We’re all guilty of the occasional oversight, but when schools manipulate or omit important information, it can cost students big-time. Know how to spot these important financial aid pitfalls.

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