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College Confidential   CollegeView      April 2011

Spring Break (It On Down)

It’s time for a little breathing room—and this timeout couldn’t have come soon enough! Temperance is the key, though, treasured PUNCH pals, so be sure to mix equal parts R&R and continued vigilance as you briefly abandon the books. Spring break is all about finding your bearings, weighing tops schools (and major concerns), and giddying up for the next phase. So, let’s get to it!

It’s California dreamin’ for those CC users who are still happily waving acceptance letters from UCLA, Berkeley, USC, Stanford, and UCSD. A few PUNCHers had to come to terms with a #2 choice, while other families continue to compare award offers to find their best option.

In addition to the mail service, SAT/ACT season is winding down. There is precious little time left, so get a jump on those remaining SAT test dates. Or if the ACT is the one you need, look for important testing details here. Elsewhere in exam news…

Other potent PUNCHables this month:

  • Do colleges ever rescind acceptance? The broad answer is yes, according to Sally Rubenstone, admissionista extraordinaire, but the reasons are specific.
  • This month at PUNCH, your opinion matters—no, seriously! Kindly take a moment to complete our survey—we’re looking for knockouts and below-the-belt jabs alike, so bring it on!
  • CC parents indulge in a little nonacademic chatter: Get tips and support for battling the tummy bulge this vacation season.
  • Is depression on the rise in college students? CC users get specific about medicated kids, helicopter parents, and shades of blue in between.

This month’s food for thought applies especially to spring breakers: Don’t confront me with my failures, for I have not forgotten them. Take some time to look back over these fast-paced recent months. Decide which lessons you will keep, and then commit to mentally deleting the rest. Getting the college experience you want is all about perseverance. Onward and upward we go!

Filling in the Gaps

So, you've gotten a lot out of this month's issue, have you? Well, we cordially invite you to check out (or re-visit, if you're already a PUNCH veteran) our January, February and March newsletters. No doubt there is some morsel or tidbit of helpful information that will rock your college search world!

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