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Talkin' Smack-a-demic: April '13
April 1st was a big day for many college hopefuls. How did you fare? Don't fret if you didn't get the response you wanted; instead, focus on the positives and take this opportunity to consider how a directional change might actually be just the thing. Oh, and guess what? It's almost that other time of year. You know, the one that involves hanging out with friends, stacking cash with a fun summertime gig, and cruising college towns to see what's good? Yep, that's the one.

Free Fallin': Rejected Without a Backup School
CC users debate whether it's negligence, bad intel, or a faulty college admissions process that prompts some students to apply only to "reach" schools.
Understanding Financial Aid & Grant Packages
So, you got into your school of choice and you're eligible for financial aid? Hooray! Now… what does it all mean? Let this aid package primer be your guide.
Avoid the Most Common Spring Break Travel Disasters
Wardrobe woes, roommate disagreements, and goofy Facebook photos should be your biggest concerns—avoid real spring break nightmares with these essentials.
When Should Parents Get a College Say?

Too-involved parents often risk the "helicopter" label, but if you're footing the bill for college, shouldn't your opinion count? Students, parents, and counselors debate.

Is Substance-Free Housing for "Mama's Boys"?

If there's a happy medium between the stereotypical Animal House-style college experience and somber, rules-driven institutions, these CC users are sure to find it.

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