Applying to Christian Colleges Without Pastor Reference

Question: I have already spent the entirety of my junior year narrowing down my list of colleges that I would like to go to. My top two colleges that I have a great chance of getting into require a “character/spiritual” letter of recommendation from a pastor since these are private, Christian universities. I rarely go to church so I am unable to get a letter of recommendation but I really want to go to one of these schools to expand my faith. What should I do?

“The Dean” has not seen this question before, and it’s an interesting one. Obviously, the officials at the private Christian universities on your list believe that students who actively practice their faith are best suited to their school. By requesting a letter from a pastor, they can gauge which applicants seem most involved at church, and they may be wary of those candidates who can’t find a pastor to write on their behalf.

But, on the other hand, I think that such schools might be willing to also welcome an applicant who is seeking a stronger religious connection. So here’s what I suggest you do:

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