Application Submission Countdown

It's that time of year again. Well, if you're a high school senior applying to college, it's really not that time of year again, it's just that time of year. For you seniors, it's that time of year to be putting together your college applications, be they related to the Common Application or college-specific (that is, non-Common Application applications). Many of you may be applying Early Action (EA) or Early Decision (ED). Others of you may be considering a middle ground between regular ED and Regular Decision (RD). That would be either “ED I" or “ED II" offered by some schools.

Then, there are those among you who are applying to so-called “rolling" admissions schools (sorry, no abbreviation for that option, unless we care to refer to it as “RA," not to be confused with your future dorm's “Resident Advisor"). Rolling admission works on a kind of first-in-first-out basis, where the admissions staff processes applications in the order that they're received. Usually, these schools offer a “preferred" deadline, which functions as a kind of incentive for those who are truly sincere in their desire to attend.

Speaking of completing your college applications, let me remind you of one seemingly obvious caution that–surprisingly–many applicants overlook: spelling. Sure, we have spellcheckers, but sometimes they can play havoc with our intentions. For example, take the sentence, “Write to Mr. Wright right now." If you happen to pen that sentence as, “Right Mr. Write wright now," your spellchecker might let it slip through … but your detail-oriented admissions officer might be having a bad day because someone just slashed three of his Honda's four tires that morning. So, a word to the wise: Be careful about what goes into the mail (or email) to your candidate colleges.

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