Applicant Anger

There’s an intriguing thread on the College Confidential discussion forum. What makes you ridiculously angry about the college admissions process? explores the issues that perplex and even possibly enrage college applicants and their parents.

While the qualifier “ridiculously” in the thread’s title may be a bit over the top, there are certainly aspects of the college process that are at least annoying, and at worst temper-tantrum inducing. From my personal perspective, having been through the college process cycle with a daughter and son, I can recall having to counsel my son on a short-fuse deadline for submitting his EA application to one school.

A printing error caused the school to delay sending its paper application (this was back in the mid-’90s) until the first week of October. The deadline was November 1 and no extensions were given to the early applicants. That was frustrating and angst inducing. Things were different back then, before the advent of all the electronic accesses applicants have today.

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