Preparing for College

AP vs. IB for Ivy Admission

Question: Do Ivy League admission committees favor AP classes or IB classes? Could you please answer in detail?

Not too much "detail" required here. Elite-college officials are looking for applicants who have elected the most rigorous classes available to them. Application forms ask guidance counselors to indicate whether a candidate's course load is the "Most Demanding, "Very Demanding, " "Somewhat Demanding," etc. when compared to what is offered in that high school.

Many high schools offer Advanced Placement Classes or an IB Program. A few schools have both. Typically, students who purse either an AP-laden or IB curriculum earn the coveted "Most Demanding" label.

Admission officials don't prioritize one over the other, but you can check with your counselor as you make your class selections, if you want to be sure that your course load stays in "Most Demanding" range.