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AP Music Theory Test Site for Home Schooled Student?

Question: My charter school, home schooled child has self studied for the AP Music Theory exam. Our local school districts do not offer the Music Theory exam. I contacted the College Board and was given a large list of schools in California that are willing to offer exams to home schoolers or students outside their district. However, after contacting multiple schools, the vast majority do not offer the Music Theory exam and those that do will not accept outsiders for that particular test. I was told today that it is illegal for the district we are in not to offer an AP exam if a student wants to take it and that I should contact the superintendent. I wanted to find out what the actual rules are regarding this. Thank you.

I understand your frustration, but—as far as I know (and I definitely don't know for sure!)--no high school is required to offer an AP exam when the corresponding course is not taught there.

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