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AP Latin-Should I Take It?

Question: This year, I'm taking 4 AP classes (hardest junior schedule), and I have all A's except for a B/B+ in AP Latin. How much of an impact will this one grade have? (I've never had a grade below A- before.) I'm in my fourth year of Latin now. How significant is it whether or not I take Latin next year? How would a schedule such as AP English, AP Calc, Quant physics, AP Latin, Great issues look if I plan to apply to the most competitive colleges?

Your B or B+ in Latin probably won’t have much impact on college decisions, though it could have some. As you’re undoubtedly aware, when applying to the most elite colleges, you’ll be “competing” with hundreds (if not thousands) of straight-A students. Moreover, if your school is one that ranks, depending on how cutthroat the competition is there or how your grades are weighted, the Latin mark could make a difference in your rank that could also affect college outcomes.

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